Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Now, breaking the news to husband...

that there's a rabbit in the house! Of course picking up my son from summer school was a thrill, excited to tell the news of our new found bunny rabbit. On the other hand, having to let my husband know, not so thrilling. We have a bi-level home so the bedroom downstairs worked well for a place for the new bun to stay. It was this room we were all awaiting the return of darling husband.."where is everyone and why is this door closed?!" "umm, we're all in here honey!" so he enters in which time he does not see the frightened lil bun hiding under a table. The kiddies together exclaim the excitement of a lost rabbit! Husband angrily "What do you mean there's a rabbit in the house!?" Cue the crying child..Darling daughter starts to bawl expressing the fact that WE found the bunny rabbit, he has no home, and SOMEONE has to take care of him! Oh this is not going so well...until, darling husband finally spots the big white rabbit and starts to laugh.

A happy ending after all.

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