Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Thanks Doug for reminding me how happy Fred must be!

I hate to think of how miserable he must of been before he had a warm home and food to eat :( Here are some things that I think if Fred could talk, would say makes him "hoppy!"

  1. carrots (of course).
  2. getting let out of my room first thing in the morning!
  3. nibbling on mommy's clothes underneath her bed.
  4. running circles around mommy & daddy.
  5. nibbling on mommy's book as she reads at night.
  6. being petted & laying w/ mommy before bedtime.
  7. running up the stairs, running down the stairs, running up the stairs, running down the stairs...
  8. hopping up on the couch and watching TV.
  9. bun zoomies!!!
  10. getting stuck into small crevices when no ones looking :P


  1. Bun zoomies! That should be higher on the list I think.

    Momma says that my zoomies are high on her list.

  2. I love to be petted--in my house we call them "pets". Do bunnies like belly rubs too?