Friday, May 28, 2010

Fred's phobia.

I can't believe I never blogged about Fred's phobia!  He's dealthy afraid of our hard wood floors, come to think of it he won't even walk on our tiled bathroom floors or kitchen.  He'll do a supper hop over the floors in our family room going from the area rug to the wall to wall carpeting.  I've heard of dogs having this phobia, as Lacey was the same way...but never rabbits! What the heck Fred, you act as if our floors were made of lava!
Here he is in action..

and here he  is inspecting the lava..


  1. My Dwight hates any type of flooring that isn't carpeting or rugs. I love the action shot of Fred hopping!

  2. A lot of animals are like that- if they can't get good traction they avoid it like... well, lava.

    Found you on the bunny hop!

  3. That's so funny that he's afraid of the wood floors!