Friday, September 3, 2010

What's new with Fred...

Not much! I feel horrible not having updated his blog in such a long time...So here's a shot from him last night getting comfy on some of darling daughter's old baby blankets :)
Oh my word, Maddie has outgrown her toddler bed! This past weekend she got promoted to big girl bed...and underneath in the trundle was all of her & darling son's baby blankies.  I would have never thought that blankets, towels, clothes etc..could be a rabbits favorite toy. Fred absolutely could spend all his time frolicking under my bed (just to the right of where he's sitting here) with some old clothes of's the simple things in the life of this little rabbit that make him happy :)  So here sits a pile of blankets, they might just have to stay here if Fred makes it a habit of hanging out on them!

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