Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Don't you worry me Fred!

You've been looking rather ill lately, & I don't have the energy to worry like this about you! Don't make me start realizing that I take you for granted, because every know and then I get a pang in my gut of how quickly we had lost Lacey :( I know for sure I took her for granted, those short 7 years were so darn precious & wish I knew then that she wouldn't be here with us for as long as we thought. OK, now I'm rambling...I am making a pledge right now to love you, pat you and call you George, OK, maybe not, but every time I say that it makes Maddie laugh :D

I know you're probably not sick & I'm sure you are just having an average run of the mill belly ache, maybe you just ate too much card board or something... just please know that no other bun could ever possibly replace you!