Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Gotcha Day Fred!

Wow, one whole year ago, this silly rabbit hopped into my life!
Can you believe it? Where has time gone? This time last year, just as I’ll be doing a few hours from now…going to pick up DS from Summer School. DD & I were walking downstairs into my family room, what to my wondering eyes should appear, through my sliding glass doors I see?? This big, (very dirty) white, lost bunny rabbit :O “Wait! Don’t move!!” Must save harmless little bunny rabbit from the wiles of suburbia...So, I then ran upstairs and armed myself with some celery… to my surprise, when I got outside, he not only remained in my backyard, but when I crouched down with my wilted veggies (and made the most horrific bunny rabbit sound imitation I could think of)… he hopped right too me (simply out of curiously I‘m sure, wondering who is this crazy lady?!)… End of story, I scooped him up into my arms and the rest is history!!!

My oh my Fred, you were a hot mess!

Now, as DH puts it, he living “The Life O’Riley!” Lucky bun, lucky me!!!

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