Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back from vacation!

& thank goodness Fred survived!! Holy cow was I worried...most of all because he is so used to having the run of the whole house.  The pet sitter was only allowed to keep him in his room for safety.  Well, anyway we received texts each day from her saying he was OK.  That really put me at ease while we were away.  Being that it was our first experience using a pet-sitter, I really didn't know what to expect... but seriously, I was so pleased with Michele, she really did out do herself to see that Fred was made comfortable while we were gone!

He was so happy upon our return he had bun zoomies like I have never seen before!!!  It just amazes me each time I see how happy and active around his family compared to how he acts around strangers. I really do believe that he is truly happy here :D

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